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This week was the good, bad and the ugly but overall I can’t complain. Fished a whole week up here last year and caught 3 fish all week. This year was a bit better. 

Here is the good, bad and the ugly all wrapped into one:

I am going to add a picture with GPS coordinates. We found abandon fishing nets between the center and west entrance outside the Les Chenieux islands. Trolled right through them, released a downrigger but never lost anything. Came up with a bunch of zebra mussels and a piece of a net.  Talk about lucky, we could have lost everything. 

We found the kings, fished just south of Goose Island. There is a flat that comes up from 110 FOW TO 75 FOW. We caught all of our Salmon on dipseys, 1 setting 140 and 160 feet back. All fish came between 75-85 FOW. A green dolphin and another chartreuse and green spoon took all the fish. There is a shallow water buoy on the southeast corner of the island,  our turn around was even with that buoy  we trolled from there back west till the water dropped off  

Starting on Saturday 7/17, outside the islands we went 0-2, both rips came on a live wire SD and a UV fly. Sunday we were 2-4 with one small king and Lakers. Trolled north side of Mackinac Island. Monday we were 1-3 with a lake trout outside of the Lea chineaux islands again. Tuesday was a day off, Wednesday we fished the south side of Goose Island and went 5-7, four Lakers and a king. Thursday we went 6-8 with 2 kings. Both fish we lost were kings. Lost one fish that was at least 20 lbs behind the boat. My dad decided to tighten down the drag on a wire dipsey and the fish snapped everything off.  Friday we went 5-5 with 3 kings. 

All kings were between 8-15lbs. Like I said above all salmon came off dipseys with spoons. Our paddles and flys never caught us a salmon. Our Lakers came off of spoons or a dodger and spin n glow close to bottom. The biggest laker we caught was 5lbs. 

Thursday we had 2 charter boats circle us so we must have known what they knew. Both Thursday and Friday those two boats fished with us. They appeared to do better than we did, I’m not sure if they caught more kings but the boats never stopped reeling in fish all day. 

I can’t wait for next year!!  


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