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Holland 17 July PM 8/15

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Fished Holland Saturday night from 530-1030. A bit bumpy riding out. It was great fishing multiple doubles and even a triple. All King bites and they made a few giant messes out of my gear. 140-200FOW; we rode 150 during prime time the prime hour was prime to say the least but did pick up a few earlier in the night.


2/4 400 Cu white Flasher green fly. 10lb steelhead, 10lb King.

2/2 300 Cu moonshine Bloody nose. 15lb King, 17lb King.

1/1 225 Cu moonshine Carbon 14. 15lb King

1/1 Low wire diver 120 back Spotted dick meat rig. 8lb King.

0/1 High diver pearl flasher fly 220 back. Got into the wire diver. Made a huge mess of my high diver. Pole was out of commission for the rest of the evening.

0/1 high diver. Moonshine black spoon with white don't know the name. Good fish lost while trying to deal with the giant mess from the other fish on the opposite side high diver.

1/1 Downrigger 60 down. Blue glow spoon with spots. 7lb King.

1/1 slider on downrigger. 65 down. Green ss Dreamweaver spoon with black spots. 5 lb King.

0/2 SWR Downriger 65 down double pearl white fly. 

0/1 slider on downriver 75 down. Blue dolphin.









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