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2 coho, 2 lakers, 1 smaller king and 1 Stealhead. Everything was 6 to 8 pounds except the steelhead which was 10. Early fish were in 150ish FOW. Later fish were 180 to 200.


Lost a big king with a split ring failure. That king was on a 250 Cu with a NBK.



The other miss was on a blue jeans high diver out 150. I'm thinking it was a coho based on the hit.


High diver with a small mountain dew paddle and double aqua fly took a laker and a coho. One at 150 ft out. The other as we were resetting it and only 50 ft had come off.


The rigger took a coho and king down 56 ft with a big white paddle and pickled sunshine fly.


One laker came on a white 8" spindoctor with a bloody nose big eye fly.


The steelhead hit on a wire diver. Can't recall the lure or depth, but I know it was a spoon.


Orange crush on the 100 Cu was ignored. So was Kevin's girlfriend spindoctor meat rig one the wire diver. That's been ignored the last 2 trips.




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A split ring failure is indeed rare.  Had that happen one time as well.  NBK is a 'Go To' spoon.  Three years ago Killer Blue was the ticket on the business end of a SWR.  Not the "Go To' lure since 2018.  Happy to read the action was good in Pentwater.

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