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Fished south of the port from 70 fow out to 195. There was a youth tournament today. We got a 13 pound laker which won first place i the laker division. Go us!


Big king for the tournament was just under 21 pounds. Next biggest king was 2.5 pounds. That should tell you something. I heard on the radio there was a 27 pound king taken south of the point, but I think it was further south than we were able to fish for the tournament.


It sounds like there's a nice school of mature kings working their way north. They're just not north of little point Sable yet.



Here's what went:

Mongolian Beef out 135 on a braid slide diver #3 setting

Dancing Anchovy out 100 on a braid slide diver #3 settjng (twice)

Big green haze paddle and meat on a 300 Cu (twice)

SWR with a green hulk with the ball down 70. (Big laker)

Big white paddle and pickled sunshine fly down 50' on the rigger (small laker)






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