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Fished the holiday from 4:00-7:00pm after running to West Marine to replace the house battery that gave up the ghost.  Blew me away that WM was open on a holiday and equally so that they had a group 31 Northstar AGM battery in stock.  WM saved the day as all my electronics were down. Worked mostly 115-145FOW.  Water was far colder than Monday & Wednesday when lines needed to be 80' down or more.  Plenty of marks but not a bump.  Turned to shore at 7:00pm to pull lines and the 300' copper on the inside of the turn with green teaser meat rig / green & silver paddle on a board came to life.  After a long battle, put a 20lb king in the box that will bless us with steaks tonight.

Fireworks off the channel were good last night.

Fin Warrior



20lb King 2021-07-04.jpg

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Wow nice catch, especially for a slow evening of fishing.
And kudos to West Marine for saving the day!!!

Reel Therapy

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