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Grand Traverse Bay 2 June Am 8/9

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Fished East bay this am out of Yuba 0600-1000. Fished in 90 to 110 2.1mph @ the ball. It was an expensive trip had a rigger cable break and lost a cannon ball with a release and my okuma wire roller rod broke between the first and second eye.

2/2 ss Michigan stinger spoon green with black dots as a free slider on a rigger down 90. 1 Cisco 1 laker.

2/3 cotton candy spin n glow double chrome flasher on a rigger 90 down. 2 Lakers.

2/2 double pearl flasher oceanic fly diver back 160. Laker and Cisco

2/2 white spin n glow with red dots Kevin's girlfriend flasher. Diver 170 back. 2 Lakers

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