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1-1, small Coho in 190fow around 10:30am. Trolling northwest on rigger down 89’ on Capt John King 10” BTI Glo Frog Flasher and meat rig w/herring strip. Fished 7:30-1:30 from 90-200’ half mile north to 3 miles north. 1’ sw waves, SOG 2.4 -3.1. Around noon it really got foggy.
Had 9 lines out, spoons on 100’, 200’, 225’ and 300’ copper and 4 3/4C and meat rig herring strip on rigger down 95; Capt John new strip teaser herring strips on meat rigs on dipseys on 3 out 178 and 212. 
Think storms scattered the already scattered fish.

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Next week  probably Holland, friend did well in 170’ there yesterday afternoon. Have to start following the fishies north. When I lived in Jackson and we got the sloooow fishin here July was walleye month out of Monroe  and east fishin for eyes. Same fishin as for coho jacks in skinny water in late March n April here n SJoe.

Not sure where charters fish here. Probably 60-80’ for lakers or way out in middle of the lake.

Haven’t heard of many kings caught here at all. Think we’ve gotten 2. No fish in shallow water in May like usual; think because we had no spring rain.

All, have a great Independence Day weekend and be safe. And, if you are out on the water with all the weekend boaters/fisherman be especially watchful.

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