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49-54 degrees out in front of Holland, nice river plume.  Two hours out there caught one alewife.  Should have been at least one steel around.  Counted 18 rods between both piers never saw anyone run for one either.

Not even sure why I bother any more.  At least a couple consolidation sheep in the channel were fun until one of the blow boat racers yelled at me as I'm not allowed to fish in there.

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I don't think you can find something they won't hit.  I took one on a paddle / fly trolling for kings out front in September.


Anything you'd troll 2.2-2.5 mph for walleye (plugs, spoons) will work, the uglier the color the better.  Hot and tots and flicker shads (hooks are sharp but not durable) for sure.


I kindly informed him I can fish wherever the @#@#$ I want and he should learn how to drive.  The cops could have had a field day last night with people running up to Big Red before coming off plane, huge wakes in the no wake zone, opening it up 100' before the buoys, running at plane well within 100' of other vessels.  And apparently people trolling in the channel too, what @$$holes...

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