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      2,for 3, fished 7:45 to 1:45, had 9 lines out; 2-dipseys, 2.riggers, 100, 200, 300 copper and 3 & 8 colors. Later changed to 5 1/2 n 12 colors and no hits on lead; 90-180’, 1 mile to 3 miles north of pier heads; 25.8 to 27s.

9:30 in 142 trolling west ’ 7lb Coho  on 150 copper on carmel dolphin with red at hook end and pink back.

9:50 in 157’ trolling south hit CJKing Ghostbuster meat rig on dipsey out 150’; had to stop reeling to clear cottonwoods off and then no one home.

10:53 in 167’ trolling SW small king on 300 copper on gold double orange crush.

no wind, dead calm and quite hot.

speed same usual 2.4-3.2.

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