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Fished out of the Joe this morning we were 15 for 18. 2 coho 2 kings biggest one was 15lbs. Rest were Lakers. Ran south west to 100ft started marking fish on the bottom and hit a nice coho on a rigger set at 35. Then hit a 10lb king on a 5 color on moonshine mag RV apple seed. Sog was 3.1 mph ball speed was 2.5. Then the Lakers took over for a few hours. Lakers were up high in the water column. We headed out to around 200ft with a Laker here and there. We decided to troll East back in . At 120ft we started marking fish everywhere from the bottom up . There was bait balls and fish everywhere. We hit another coho and the a 15lb king on a John king moonbeam 12in fish flasher with a uv meat rig . Ball speed was 3.3 .

It was cool to see how much bait fish and fish showed up throughout the day.





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