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Pentwater. 6/2 PM. 2 for 2

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We struggled in Pentwater tonight. We ran a 6 rod spread and covered from the surface down to about 70' deep. We worked 70' of water out to 188' of water. We got a small coho and a 23 pound King around a 185' of water. The king hit on a N trolls, 2.4 mph at the ball on a Moonshine wonderbread RV spoon on a high diver out 150. The coho hit on a free slider that was blue and silver. The bait was probably around 25' as the cannonball was at 50'.


100 Cu, 200 Cu and 300 Cu didn't get touched. Same with riggers and the wire diver. We ddn't mark any bait this trip. Nothing on meat or flies.


We will try again in the morning and focus on some deeper water.


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Thanks for the report. Sounds just like our last SoHa trip on Tuesday.

From the report we got from my friends boat at the launch we should have gone a few more miles north and all his hits came going west, uphill.

Although we did get our king on 100 Cu and I had seen reports of fish caught on Jplugs so around 2 I put a tequila sunrise, deep orange/yellow J plug on the 8C and very soon in 107’ we got that small steelie. I never put plugs down after April until late August when we are fishing just outside harbor patrol. Have seen reports that many always put one in their spread.

Meat on the riggers got  jiggled a few times and 4 or 5 knock off on riggers, probably Coho hits on sliders.

Since I live and am retired here plan on doing SoHa again next Tuesday.  

There are hundreds of guys out, especially on the weekends and you and I and a few others are the only ones reporting.

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It's been frustrating with reports this spring.  Seems like most of reports are being stuck on Facebook now.  Not a fan of those groups.  I'll keep posting when I go out!  Decided to keep the boat in the garage Memorial day weekend and do some relaxing.

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I’m retired and so are most of my mates and we never go out on weekends especially holidays. Although city launch in SoHa you can use on weekends here before Memorial Day with no crowds. Weekends afterward are a little busy retrieving but the wait isn’t usually too bad. If I have a worker bee mate that can’t take off during the week we’ll do a Sat or Sun.

Yeah this spring is weird. Someone posted earlier that fish are out deep because we had dry spring and so  no warm water near shore.

Last spring in May we were getting kings in 55fow.


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