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  • Fished 8:15 to 3pm straight out to a few miles south and a mile or so north. From 110’ to 170’.
    2 for like 8, 10lb king on 100’ copper on green spoon trolling west, around 2:30 in 107’ trolling east a small steelie on orange/yellow Jplug on 8C.
    Had 4 or so knock offs on the riggers and 2 or 3 soft hits on the wire dipseys with meat with no one home, very calm. Worse case 0-1s from SW.
    Sog usual 2.3-3.2. However, for the steelie near the end we ran 3.0-3.4 and hit steelie around 3.2. Ran 9 lines 100, 200, 300 cu, 51/2 n 8C, 2 wire dipseys and 2 riggers with sliders; ran all spoons except dipseys where we ran meat rig strips.
    Beautiful day in the lake.
    Talked to guys at the launch that got a mixed bag of 8 fish thats were in 120-140 in the 27s.


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