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The big school of cohos seems to be moving north through the Holland area at about 8 miles per day, at least for us.

Got 16 coho, one king and a steelhead in 185 FOW south of Saugatuck on Thursday. Top 125 feet, orange spoons on all lines except for a flasher/fly on the chute. Sliders on all three riggers took a lot of the fish.

Found them Friday in front of Holland in 230 FOW, same program, took eight coho and three kings.

Saturday we found them a little north of Holland in 265 FOW, caught eight coho and one large lake trout in about two hours with just six rods. Same program as before. Same orange and copper standard and small size spoons all three days.

Didn’t fish Sunday but my buddy caught twelve in 265 FOW in front of Port Sheldon, same program as us.

Hopefully we’ll get the tail end of the main school and some stragglers for another week or so, who knows? Great to see that they’re still out there in good numbers, hopefully the kings will show up soon!

Photo was taken Saturday in265 FOW.





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look at the GPS info  Capt. Jeff was all of 260'  he was only showing the top 30 feet on his graph.


and I think they have moved on already,  I was out Monday night in 220-250 straight out of Holland.

3 for 3.    1 Hoe, 1 Steely - that put up a  nice dance show, and a dink that went back in.


thanks for the report Jeff.



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added Monday night stats
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