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Quick report...kings are hard to come by. We got one 15 pounder 3 trips so far.


105 to 125 FOW has been the best water for us. We're getting 5 to 6 fish a trip with most being cohos and Lakers.


The king hit on the SWR setup with a moonshine spoon. (Pictured.) The rigger ball was at 40 putting the bait around 60. East troll was best.


100 Coppers to 300 Coppers all produced fish. 1 laker on a flasher fly on a rigger down 60. No meat hits. Everything else was spoons.


Currently the surface temp is 51ish. Temp is 45.4 degrees 47 ft down. We are heading back out tonight.


The kings have to show up some time right?




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I've heard there are bait and fish out deep. 200 fow+.  Fish are up shallow.  Mix of kings coho steelhead lakers...

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Coho fishing was real good on 5/13 AM, straight out, past 200 FOW (until about 10:30 am) but then it just shut off. Sounds like a lot of the silver fish moved way north yesterday.

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