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Experienced king fisherman Looking for a boat to jump on

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I will be working in the Grayling area next 2 weekends mon- Friday. Instead of traveling home looking to jump on someone’s boat to do some fishing on Saturday and Sunday’s. Willing to travel anywhere on the Michigan coast. Sold my boat last year due to starting a new job. I’ve fished kings in Lake Ontario and Lake Michigan religiously for the last 10 years. My spread I would fish on my boat included, pair of wire divers, pair of braids, 2 riggers, and 6 copper/lead long lines. I’m a clean, well organized person that has no problem taking orders and being respectful to the captain. I can net and run the back of the boat with ease. Have lots of flashers (salmon candy &pro king) flys meat rigs/meat, and spoons I could bring along. I always pitch in for gas, and am always on time. I included some pics of my boats catches the last couple years.






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14 hours ago, FBD said:

That's how you sell it, unfortunately the kings aren't quite here yet and the forecast at least for the next week isn't great for going out and looking for them...

Yea weather not looking good Kings showing up we got 4 nice ones Saturday saint Joe. 


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Thanks to Thunds2 for making the trip and sharing his passion and experience with us in the Schu’s Summer Challenge pro am Tournament (Amateur side cancelled due to early rough conditions) in St.Joe. However managed a respectable showing for big king in the Tournament Trail’s 333. 


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