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sold / closed Salmon Tackle for sale. [ Used ]

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I have various lots of used tackle for sale.

Lots A-F  50.00 per lot.

Lot G and H 30.00 each.

Lot I   25.00.

Lot J  30.00

Lot K  35.00

Lot L   55.00 

Lot M and N 50.00

I live in Grand Rapids and can work out delivery if close.

If i have to ship. Shipping will be added to total and  payment will be check only. 

I will then ship when check clears.




Spoons A.jpg

Spoon B.jpg

Spoon C.jpg

Spoon D.jpg

Spoon E.jpg

Spoon F.jpg

Fly G .jpg

Fly H.jpg

Divers I.jpg

Flashers J.jpg

Flashers K.jpg

Flashers L.jpg

Plugs M.jpg

Plugs N.jpg

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