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Snaps vs Snap Swivel vs Loop Knots for early spring plugs

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For trolling 40 degree Lake Michigan for salmon early spring:

For any Rapala shallow or deep been using loop knot.

Dreamweaver size 3 snap swivel for Thin Fin, Thin Fish, Hot N Tot, etc. Started 30# mono, now 12# mono from boards various length coppers.

Anybody out there feel strongly about snap only (no swivel) for these lures? Been reading about bass guys only using snap for crankbaits? Does it really matter?

Trying to keep lures changing and fingertips warm at same time...

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I used to direct tie crankbaits, but now i just use the snaps (no swivel).  I also use pretty small snaps too.  I run 12# or 15# for all mono boards, and will use 15# leaders on short lead core when fishing shallow.  In these setups, I'll often also tie in a swivel about 6 feet before the lure to prevent excessive line twist if for some reason the lure does rotate (or if mr coho does a bunch of barrel rolls).

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