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I am a student doing research on the US commercial fishing industry. Please take the time to fill out this anonymous survey.

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The link will take you to a 16 question google form on the US commercial fishing industry. If you are skeptical about clicking the link here are the questions that will be shown:
Do you work in the United States commercial fishing industry?
What is your gender?
What age group are you in?
What is your annual income?
Where do you primarily fish?
To what extent is your physical health affected by your profession?
To what extent is your mental health affected by your profession?
Is the relationship between you and your coworkers (or employees) satisfactory?
Do you feel that the company you work for (or own) makes reliable changes that benefit employee wellness?
Do you feel content with your annual income?
Through your career, are your job goals attainable?
Are your knowledge and skills shown through your work?
Do you feel valued at your workplace?
How satisfied are you with your working environment?
Do you receive effective feedback from coworkers (or employees) that can help improve your job capabilities?
How would you rate your overall job satisfaction?

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