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Boardman, Betsie, Elk Rapids, Bigmanistee, Pere Marquette, Ausable, and East Branch of the Augres.

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Been on vacation the past two weeks. Spent some time with my family. Took the grand kids to mackinaw island and several other places. Family came home and left me and the dog up for the rest of the week. We fished all over the place. Literally.

So  I don't have a clicker that I carry around with me to count every single time I hook a fish. So can't say I went this many for that many etc... Suffices to say I hooked some fish. And I caught some of them. :)

Didnt take a lot of pics. The weather was not nice. Periods of rain and occasionally the sun would come out. The pics some of them didn't come out very good. Seems like my best fishing was always right before dark. 

The big manistee definitely has the most fish. It also has the most pressure. The PM is a close second. 

My favorite part was the last night on the Ausable. Very peaceful. Not many fish but it was nice to fish in peace. The only steelhead I got on the entire trip came from the Ausable. Actually lost a couple others. One was pretty nice. God I love steelhead! Fish for days for them no biting nasty old kings and finally get bit by some steelies man can you ever tell the difference. 

Things should get better as it gets cold. I'm already making plans for another trip in nov. Till then I'll be the weekend warrior. 








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