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Frankfort pier

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Decided to try fishing off the north pier this morning. Ziltch! Fished spawn off three rods from 6:15 am until 10:30 am. Occasionally I'd pull one of the baits and cast a spoon. Saw some guys fishing the beach, didn't see where they caught anything either. Saw some big fish cruising along the breakwall, brought the baits in closer. Stiff southwest wind with waves breaking well over the south wall. Water seemed warm an the weather was fair. Got to try out my new fishing cart. Loved being able to take out a chair and other amenities with almost no effort. IMG_20200925_072933443.jpeg


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My wife and kids bought me a really nice cart from cabelas. Its much nicer than anything I would have bought for myself. I like it mostly. But its alot to pack it up and haul everything out onto the peir. Comes in real handy though. Specially if I get fish.

We are up in Bellaire right now. Rained all morning. Found some fish down at the Boardman yesterday. Nothing biting. Hopefully that changes! Going to hit the BM river tomorrow. 

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