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PM and Big Manistee rivers

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Hit the lower PM on wed afternoon and then BM on thurs from sunrise to sun set. 

PM water is nice and cold with good stain from recent rains. Fish are there but didn't get any biters. Lots of trees down across the river. Lots of people fishing. 

BM the water feels pretty warm still. But evidently cold enough cause I found decent numbers of salmon.

Had a bad storm come through on thursday late morning. I was prepared for rain but the storm kind of made me nervous. I heard it coming from over the tree line. I kept hoping and praying it would go around me. By the time I saw the large anvil cloud from over the tree line it was obvious it was coming directly over me and it was too late to try to get out of its way.  Doh!  Lord watched out for me though and I'm still here to talk about it :)

I ended up landing one nice hen. Lost 4 other fish. So I call it a good day.  Trying out some new cure from Pautzkes.

 Sunrise on thursday was gorgeous. I tried to capture some shots with my good camera. I love mornings like these!




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