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NW piers and river report

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Decided to make a trip up and check out Frankfurt and Manistee piers Thursday and Friday.

Un able to fish the South piers at both locations due to waves. I suppose theres some brave souls that would be willing to try it but not me. I'm kind of bummed because my favorite spots I haven't been able to fish now for the 2nd year in  a row. The lake levels are too high!

I did not get into any fish at either pier, but there were "some" Salmon caught. Water temp seemed a bit warm. Cooler at Frankfurt. Still early I know. I'm just like you know, got the chance to go so I went. 

I also fished a few spots on the Betsie and BM rivers and mostly watched canoers and tubers pass me by. Did catch a brown on the Betsie. Did not see any Salmanoid type fish in either river. Upper rivers quite low. Lower rivers really high. Weird.  I assume this is due to the high lake levels being backed up into the river mouth flood plains. 



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