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Port Sheldon 8/15 am

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Launched at 5:30 and had lines in at 6:00 am. Ran 3 miles north to avoid traffic, but that didn't help much!

From 6:30 to 7:30 we went 3/4 on kings. Then nothing until 11 am where we went 2/2 on lake trout. Pulled lines at 11:30 am.

Mostly fished 120-150 fow, but did venture a few times into 150-170. Lots of big marks before 9 am and many would follow or swim up to the riggers. Couldn't convince them to bite. Speed variable with the waves - 2.0-3.0 mph.

300 copper - Fuzzy Bear Flea-4-All spoon - 10 lb king
Downriggers at 55 ft - Moonshine Flounder Pounder RV - Lost a 20 lb-ish fish to a tangle with my other 300 copper.
300 copper - Dreamweaver Wonderbread Plug - 27 lbs king. (Hit as I was untangling the bent swivel as a result of the lost king).
Diver back 325 - Kevorkian SD and poofster fly - 5 lb lake trout
400 copper - Mt Dew SD and Mirage Fly - Lake Trout.



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