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Pentwater 8/7 AM 10 for 11 (limited) and 2 for 2 PM

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What an epic morning Friday was.  We started in 100 FOW and worked out to 170.  We had some good marks in the 140s and 150s so we slid back inside and that's where we picked up our first two hits.  After that, it was all about location, location, location as most of our other hits came in about a 10 acre area.  There was a spot I had heard good reports about from the prior day when I got a message from a fellow GLF member who already had 6 kings in the box from that exact location.  We decided to not waste and time and headed that way.  What was interesting about his location is it seemed like there was a convergence of currents in this one location.  Trying to maintain speed here was very difficult.  It require constant adjustments to the kicker motor.  We got most of our hits on the stable water side of these currents. 

Other than location, the key to the day was white baits.  Meat took 5 of the 11 bites.  Spoons took 5 and a paddle and and paddle and fly took the other one.  In defense of the paddle and fly, we didn't run many of them.  We did have a white spin doctor and mirage fly out for a bit, but after not getting hit we switched it our with another Ghostbuster meat setup.  Since there was only two of us, we ran a 6 rod spread.  We had one double and one triple and we got all of the fish in the box.  This was an aggressive bite.  Many fish had both upper and lower jaws hooked as they inhaled the bait.  I talked to a few other guys that got a few fish and did well, but this one location was really good for us.  The biggest kings were 22.5, 20.5 and 19.5 pounds.

The evening was very different.  We got out a bit late and started setting lines around 6:30 and fished until 8:50.  We trolled through our same honey hole area and didn't pick up any hits so we started looking elsewhere.  There were a few other boats in that area and they quickly left as well.  We got an 8# king and a laker in 181 FOW.  My daughter is pictured with that below.  It hit on a 250 copper ghostbuster meat rig.  At the dock I talked to a group that just got done with a charter and they described their night as "horrible" with "no fish".  So the evening seemed very different from the morning.

(If you're viewing this on the GLF app, this table looks horrible so use the image of it below.)  The table below is for the AM trip.

Time   FOW Toll Fish Bait Pole
7:23 AM   162 SW Coho Mag Rosta Goose 100 Cu
7:48 AM   153 SE Miss Blue Flounder  Braid SlideDiver, #3 setting out 130
9:43 AM   165 SW King Bloody Nose Braid SlideDiver, #3 setting out 175
9:45 AM   165 SW King Ghostbuster paddle & meat Braid SlideDiver, #3 setting out 160
10:13 AM   176 S Coho Blue Haze paddle & meat 300 Cu
10:50 AM   161 S King Ghostbuster paddle & meat Braid SlideDiver, #3 setting out 160
11:24 AM   161 S King White paddle & fly Rigger down 50
1:06 PM   170 NW King Ghostbuster paddle & meat 250 Cu
1:07 PM   170 NW King Green Jeans 200 Cu
1:09 PM   172 NW King Ghostbuster paddle & meat Braid SlideDiver, #3 setting out 160
3:03 PM   175 E King Green Jeans 200 Cu



Does it get any better than this?





This guy is 6' 5" tall:







2 Coho and 8 kings:



Here's my daughter's king from the evening trip:



And finally an image of the table for those using the GLF app:




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One thing I thought was interesting was the mid-day bite was very good.  Even though it was sunny and the lake was totally flat.  Things didn't shut off at 9 am like they often do. 

It looks like this week will offer some very favorable wave conditions.  Hopefully you guys will be able to make it out.  @EdB, that pod of big kings should be making their way north to Ludington this week.  Get after them!

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