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Went 6-9 with possibly a couple missed fish. 130’-150’ on a NW troll slightly north of pier was best. Three kings, coho, steelhead and lake trout. Big king was 24 lbs. Blue dolphin paddle with green fly meat rig on a SWR DR down 85’ and another one on 300 Cu was hottest, homemade pink/blue UV spoon on 200 and 300 Cu was next and blue dolphin spoon on SWR DR down 75’ took a couple. 200 Cu only fired once. Had a heart breaker on a big mature king (already turned) on the 300 Cu. Got into the 200 Cu, pulled that board under and after 25 mins fighting both board and fish he  came unbuttoned at the back of the boat as we tried to get the tangled planner board off. Exciting day with a double and triple on with just two guys in the boat. 



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