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Port Sheldon 7-3 am

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Started in 90.  Fished out to 150 and then back into 130.  Started hitting fish in 135-145.  6/7 right now.  5 kings and a nice steelhead.  2.0-2.3 mph.

2-3 Rigger down 49 - RV Flounder Pounder standard size

2-2 300 copper mag silver streak blue dolphin

1-1 rigger down 79 - blue/white spin doctor and meat rig

1-1 mag diver on 2 back 185. Kevin's girlfriend spin doctor and meat rig


Still fishing, but will be wrapping it up soon.  Great morning on the big lake!


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Think we got hit in all directions except NW.   We started focusing on a 1/2 mile stretch and started weaving in and out.

Ended up the day 7/8.  Picked up a large lake trout on the diver with a meat rig.

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