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fished 5:00-8:30am

went 6-6

we started the morning with a triple header. 15 lb Coho on a stacker down 70’ with an MS Ratchet Jaw, 5 color with an MS sliver took a 180 lb king and a dipsey on a 2 setting back 110’ with a green splatter paddle and a green glow fly took a 5 lb lake trout. 
A second laker came on a green and silver glow SS spoon (not sure name) down 52’. A second king cam on a DW Kevin’s girlfriend  with a green and red fly, 18lbs and a small pink (throw back) came on 10 color with an MS Happy Meal. 
for the morning we went 6-6. 

Last night went 1-3 with 2 bumps off a stacker with an d school black and gold spoon down 95’ and caught a 2-3 lb laker on a dipsey , 2 setting on a green splatter paddle and a green glow fly. 

This morning fished from 5:00-7:30am and we went 3-4 with a 22lb king and a 3 lb pink coming on a 5 color MS sliver and a lake trout coming on a green splatter paddle and a glow green fly. We missed another fish on the DW Kevin’s Girlfriend and green and red fly. The fish broke off the fly.

So far it’s been a good trip, two more days of fishing ahead of us still!!





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Nice fish!  5 to 7:30?  I think it takes me that long to set lines.    I'm hoping to be spending some time in Pentwater the next 3 days.

Get there early if using the public launch, we fished there on a weekend once launched fine but getting boat back on trailer took forever as so many boats waiting to take out, weekdays from now on in pentwater as I’m retired, leave the circus games to the weekend warriors

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