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Where to fish this weekend

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I am going to fish out of one of the following ports: Grand Haven, Holland, Port Sheldon or Saugatuck.  I don't usually start fishing Salmon till August up in Manistee so this will be my first trip ever this far south in Lake Michigan.  If anyone has a good spot or depth to start fishing that would be helpful too.  We plan on being on the water around 6:00am and hope to catch some Salmon.  

Any help would be appreciated.  




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The way the weather has been this year. The fish where tightly schooled and blow though here in just a few weeks. I'd suggest Whitehall and ports north. I fish out of the ports near Holland. Has been slow for the last week with just a few very small straggling kings hanging around. Good luck and have fun


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Check the buoy for water temps.  Will have north wind blowing today and tonight and if it switched NE we might get a bit of a flip.  If not, I would set up in 70 fow and work out from there.  Kings are not plentiful right now, but if you run some stuff up high (10-20 feet), some stuff mid range (30-60 feet) and a line or two deep (90 feet or keep within 10 feet of bottom) you have a chance at picking up anything that might be out there (kings, steelhead, lake trout).

Or just give up on kings and run a bunch of stuff near the bottom for trout.

If the lake flips, then who knows what will be where.



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