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The Slot 6/5, 6/6

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Another great weekend fishing walleye on the Saginaw Bay!!!  

Went out Friday with my dad and brother and caught our 3 man limit.  Brought home 24 walleye, threw back 6 small ones, 4 sheephead, 4 white bass and a catfish.  39 fish on the day in about four hours isn't bad.  We set up in 18 FOW and trolled out to 20 FOW.  Put our first line in the water at 7:30 and didn't get all 8 lines in the water till almost 11:00.  We had 3 lines in the water when we had a double header and it never stopped from there.  We ran flicker shads all day, #7s 60-75 feet back going 1.5-1.7.  We also marked what looked like a thermal break in the water 7.5 feet down so that's where we set our lines and it worked.  Also marked a ton of bait from 7 foot down to the bottom.  When we cleaned our fish all of them but one had empty bellies.  

Went out on Saturday and added my father-in-law on the boat.  We brought home 16 walleye lost 7 at the net (I no longer let my father-in-law touch the net) and threw back four small ones.  We also caught about 15 white bass, 2 pike (25 and 33 inches), 2 sheephead,  and a little 7 inch catfish.  Same program as Friday, we had our bait in the water with nothing (or we thought) for about 40 minutes and we did a bait check.  Pulled up 5 white bass and a keeper walleye, we had no idea they were there.  After that the fishing got better and we had a good day.  It wasn't as good as Friday and we got hot and the bugs got bad around noon so we packed up and headed in.  When we cleaned both pike they both had small walleye in their bellies.  That's the first time I've cleaned a pike with a walleye inside it.  

Walleye 6 8.jpg

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We run out of Quanicasee however we are running almost 6 miles north to fish. There were a few people at the docks that took their limit in 12 FOW  but they battled weeds, and scrap fish more than we did. 

they are catching fish on the east side of the bay all over the place. By the end of the month if the water keeps warming up find 20 foot plus of water and you’ll be fine. 

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