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South Haven 5/16/20 AM to late afternoon

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Went 6 for 9  with two licenses on board.

6 hits on downriggers and 3 on  3-color and 10 color leadcore.

Lost first three fish, two were Kings, third unknown.  One King tangled two other lines.  Had to hand line it in and lost it when line broke halfway into the net.  

Ended with 2 Kings (twin 16#)  and 4 lakers  @ 10, 5,4,3#

All spoons, caught (and lost) fish from 106 - 153 FOW and 15 feet to 96 feet down.  

Best spoons were Pro-King with purple...purple-silver, purple-yellow and JJ. McMuffin Moonshine spoon.  Some others on orange and white.

Surface speed was average of 3.0.  Quit at 3:30 PM with increasing winds and rougher waves.


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