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The fish were scattered for us this AM. Not as many marks as last night. Lots more dirty water pumping into the lake from the river. We fished a mile or so north of port.


We couldn't find much of a pattern. Meat, mag spoons and flasher flies got hit. Colors included white, green, blues. No hits on orange. Green and blue flounder did not get touched. Baits with dots seemed to be the only common thread. (So blues and greens with dots worked.) 200 Cu and divers were the best rods.


Worked 74 to 124 FOW. Fish were scattered in that range. Most hits were 30 - 45 feet down. Water temp was 45 to 46 70 feet down. North troll seemed to work best.


4 lakers, 1 coho, 3 kings. Biggest king was 18 pounds.


Fun trip, but we had to work for them.



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Nice catch!

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