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Fished yesterday with my dad and brother out of Qsee in 10 FOW, went 6 for 12 on walleyes and 2 catfish (18 and 14 pounds).  All fish came on hot n tots and all colors worked 40-60 feet back.  The bite was really light, they would barely pull the flags down on our boards.  

On a side note, when we had our big boards and mast we hardly ever missed a fish.  Last year we switched to inline boards and we miss a lot of fish, can someone tell me why you think we are missing fish?  With the big boards the hooks were set when we got to the fish, it doesn't seem like we are getting good hook sets.  Even the fish we got to the boat are falling off the hooks in the net.  I just sharpened all my hooks as well.  



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Thanks for the update.  I've been watching the waves trying to figure out which side of the state to fish on with the kids.  :)  I've only fished the inline boards, so I'm not sure why the hookup rate is different.

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I caught 4 nice eyes and a lake trout Sunday in 15 FOW near the sailboat buoy area.  First trout ever on the bay.

The big board vs planer issue is real.  We even had a big board side (girls) against planers side (guys) of the boat competition, and it was embarrassing.

I don't know the answer, but it seemed like the big board has more of a 'herky-jerk' action to the baits, as the tow line slacks, and the fishing line slacks, and then they snap taught.  Might explain the better hook sets too.

I've only used inline boards.

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