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4 for 6. 21 lb king on rigger down 45’ on  rv blue jeans. 18’ king on 200 copper on dragon spoon.

5 lb laker on slide diver out 95’.

Small returned laker on 3C on CJKing Gold Or Crush Mag spoon.

Lost 14 lb king when main line broke that allowed slider to run off. Rigger down 38’ got 3 hits , mag rv flounder pounder.

Laker in 62’, all other hits in 55’; most hits a mile ir so north if Palisades plant.

4 hits downhill (S); one east on a turn; 21# king north troll.

1-2s with sw wind; SOG2.3-3.2.







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Mega Byte: Water wasn’t bad; kind of a light brownish green. Perfect for holding temperature, bait fish and fish. In addition to some schools of kings n lakers we marked some decent bait balls in that 55’ water also. Some boats were fishing farther out at the edge of the cleaner water, but have no idea how they did.

May be out again Sunday and/or next Tuesday or Wednesday in the same area.

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