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Tuning your Boat to Catch More Fish

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Hi all. A while back, I promised some anglers that I would insert a link to an article that I wrote for the Island Fisherman Magazine. The article probably relates more to fresh water boats, simply because corrosion is not always thought of, yet the fish are just as affected in fresh as well as salt water. The magazine does not normally release articles so soon after publication, but the owner graciously agreed to let this one out for me. This may not happen again. The May issue will be - "DOWNRIGGER WIRE VOLTAGES and WHY WE HAVE BEEN GETTING IT WRONG ALL THESE YEARS". I will continue to submit articles that have at least a new twist on them.

 Any and all questions are welcomed. [email protected] - Be safe during this viral onslaught.      https://islandfishermanmagazine.com/is-your-boat-voltage-tuned-for-fishing/


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