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Whats Your Favorite Brand of Spoon for Lake Michigan

Whats your favorite brand of spoon to use on Lake Michigan  

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  1. 1. Whats your favorite brand of spoon to use on Lake Michigan

    • Dreamweaver
    • Fishlander
    • Fuzzy Bear
    • Magna Dyne
    • Moonshine
    • Northern King
    • Raider
    • Stinger
    • Wolverine
    • Other - Please specify in post.

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Man thats a hard question. I use stingers alot but nks, prokings, and dws have there place in that order. I never was a big fan of silver streaks the big ones spin if you go too fast...but there nice to run when your going slow and the regular ones are a fast trolling spoon and are a bit too big for steel head for my liking. But thats just my opinion from running em as long as they've been out. '

AND....moonshines are then only spoons ive bought ne #of the last few years because i have 1000snds of sppons and tend to retape oor paint what i need these days. They were my best this year hands down.

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I use my own spoons Big Lake lures I do like others but put all my time into our brand so that we can keep on making new patterns and better glos

Welcome to GLF Larry! Its always fun to catch fish on your own product, good luck with the spoons. If you have any pictures we would love to see them.

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I don't fish behind 40 ft of water, so diamond kings rock, but I, only fish for bow's. kamloops rock

some of the best, most exciting rainbow fishing you can find is out in deep water, 200-400 fow depending on water temps.

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Stingers and Stingrays with Fishlanders right behind. I do have a lot of Fuzzy Bears that are really good for STeelhead in the summer. The Dreamweaver finishes don't hold up after 2 to 3 kings they are toast. Same goes for the stingray.

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Pro king here.

Too bad they do not name their spoons' date=' it would be easier to reference them.

This emerald crinkle color on one side and cracked ice on the other half is a summer time killer for me!


This one posted by Mushy's Dad caught the most fish for my boat last summer.

Paul C

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For me it would depend on time of day , type of fish, ambient light conditions and time of year so I will stick to a typical summertime spread. Early morning low ambient light or dark would be a mooshine , in various color patterns lit only with a flashlight, I ve found overcharging them while it may look good to you doesnt look good to the fish, once the sun is up and the fish typically move a little deeper in the water column I have had great success with Warrioir spoons which I am surprised are not on the list. their uv spoons are a great deep water alternative. when fish are higher in the water column or if fishing sliders I will use stingers. they have great action on sliders. This is my first post and visit to this site, looks like a great site.

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