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for sale Musselhead meat rigs

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I have a bunch of meat rigs that are made with Musselhead heads. These are all new rigs that I have made. I have put a number on all the pictures so that if you are interested in getting some, you can reference the number.

All rigs are $18.50 and buyer is responsible for shipping. I accept PayPal.

I am posting in multiple groups, please contact me ASAP if you would like to purchase any of the rigs.

Where is what I have....

#62-->made with Mountain Dew head--> quantity 5

#63-->made with Swamp Thing head-->quantity 5

#65-->made with Bullfrog head--> quantity 5

#67-->made with Uranus head--> quantity 5

#68-->made with Dutchie head--> quantity 4

#89-->made with Hypno Toad head--> quantity 5

#90-->made with 8-Ball head--> quantity 4

#91-->made with Black Mamba 2.0--> quantity 3

All meat rigs are tied using 50# Seaguar fluorocarbon, a #1 VMC 4X treble hook, a 5/0 VMC single hook, a 100# bead swivel and a 88# duolock snap. All have a protective tube between the single and treble hooks to prevent the fish's teeth from fraying the line. All meat rigs are approx 53" long and the flies are spaced every 12 inches, but the distance between the flies can be adjusted.









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