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Second Verse Same as the First Oregon Coast 2019

Dan K.

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About this time last year I stated that the runs here on the central Oregon Coast were in bad straits, well 2019 was on par with 2018.  Until this past week the rivers were running at summertime lows since last April.  Extremely low clear and cold water were the norms most of the fall.  The Chinook run was non-existent we did have a fair Coho run but they are off limits except in certain locations.  And so far the steelhead have been a no show.  But on the bright side I've been fishing some great stretches of my local rivers how I choose at my pace leaving when I feel the water has been adequately covered.  I have worked for each fish I've hooked and it's made me appreciate them more.  Hope the rivers in SE Wisconsin had better conditions. 


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