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Lexington Harbor 11/10/19 Atlantic Salmon!!!

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I fished from Sun up to Sun down..

Started at the end of the pier and seen a lot of Crome fish jumping but they didn’t want anything to do with clios (all sizes)moonshine spoons cast masters

All sizes. Rapala, Yozuri, bomber’s,

Bay Rat’s. I fished Spawn on the bottom

I used minnows under floats, Waxes, All types of Jig’s = “Lock-Jaw”

I moved to the beach and the guy next too me hit one then the guy next too him hit one. Both fish fell off.

They both hit fish again and I was thinking maybe the fish are turning on

So I started paying attention to the guy’s hooking fish and it was apparent

Every Atlantic Salmon I saw caught that day was hooked in the Ass , Tail , or the side. Guy’s were casting 3/4 oz to 1oz spoons and reeling them in as fast as they could. The water was stained with about 6in of visibility.

I was fishing with some buddies of mine and we stopped for lunch and a beer they said they saw the same thing over bye the boat ramp where they were fishing. We fished until dark and only saw foul hooked fish being caught.

I hooked into 1 Atlantic Salmon and it was pushing 15 to 18lb It was a beast!!!

Actually most of the fish were on the bigger side.

I was surprised to see the amount of foul hooked fish being kept. “But to each there own”.

Atlantic Salmon are probably one of the most amazing and Beautiful fish in “Are” Great Lakes .

I wish I had a better report.





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