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Pentwater 10/26 AM, 3 for 3

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Ran a little south where we had done well during early spring fishing. The ESE wind really picked up a lot sooner than I thought it would. I had the 3 kids with me so we stayed closer to shore as it was calmer. The horizon looking West was really rough.


We trolled S for a bit and the spun back N. Stayed between 40 fow and 70 fow. Most of the marks were in the 45-55 fow range. Really started marking the fish good once we got back to the front of the pierheads, which was when we had to pull lines to leave for a horseback riding trip.


Finished the morning with 1 small laker and two small throwback kings we found when pulling lines. 20191026_105512.jpeg20191026_111534.jpeg20191026_120634.jpeg20191026_145220.jpeg


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Nice job getting the kids out.  Lakers everywhere this year.   Where's all the immature kings for next year?  We hardly caught any all summer.  Could 2020 be worse than 2019?

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If Buck is still there, just punch that tree scraping, stopping every 2 minutes to eat something, gassy glue factory drop out right in his horse face.

Why they gave the guy that hates horses the horse even they don't like...


(The rest of the family had a great experience.  I figured anything with me and horses was going to suck, and it did, so expectations were met)

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