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Fished from 9-11:30.

Late start, went 1/1 today, 6.8# laketrout, on Craigs flounder std, with 7c, in 85 fow, no other bites.  Fished from front of piers to 105 fow. Marked a lot at pier heads, but no takers.

Nice to get out after all this bad weather. I followed a mile long scum line, weaving in a out. Fish were from the surface to 45 down the entire length. When i caught the LT, I saw my board trailing the boat sideways( broadbeam) but not releasing and then it just stopped acting like a snow plow.  I pulled in the board and didn't really feel anything. After cranking in alot more I finally got some pull back. I hooked him well. Once on board he beat himself up in the cooler.

The currents were crossing each other effecting my trolling speed alot. I went from 2.5 to 3.0 to 1.7 many times todays. Wind picked up as I was leaving. Not to many days left now.


2019-10-18 15.35.25.jpeg20191018_113228-1.jpeg


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