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Northwest Trib 9-27-19

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Fished the BM friday. Had a hard time figuring out whether to fish high or low. Decided there were too many trailers at high bridge so I went low. 

First hole I set up on getting ready to run some plugs. I was tuning on one, and just got it to track perfect ,when a big king grabbed it right behind the boat. Sweet!

Took me into the logs 3 times and I still managed to get him back out into the current. Big male. IDK, maybe 20 lbs? I let him go, I'm honestly not real hungry for any more salmon right now. Thought wow this is going to be a killer day.

Fished the whole rest of the day till dark and only hooked one more fish. Lost it in the logs. Doh!

Hind sight maybe I should have gone up river higher. I think theres more fish to be found above high bridge. I might try up there next firday. We'll see. 

The plugs I had the two fish on were yozurri deep divers. Chartreuse was the big male and gold with a red bill and nose. was the other fish that I didn't get to the boat.

Lots of guys using skein. I did not get so much as a bump on skein. And I fished a bunch of it. Good fresh stuff too. 

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