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Frankfort 8/31, mid-day trip 1 for 3

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Took the whole family up to Frankfort hoping to find some cohos for the kids. It was a mid-day trip (11 am - 5:30 PM) so we don't have to deal with cranky kinds the next day.


Asked for a fishing report on the way out of the harbor. One guy said "Try Lake Superior". Another said he didn't have a hit since 6 am. Hmmm...not what I was hoping to hear.


We threw a 15 rod spread at them today. Covered water 20 foot down to 90 foot. Worked from 50 fow out to 350 and then back in towards 90 fow. Around 3 PM we finally got a hit on a SWR j-plug down 70-something ft in 90 fow. Rigger said 88', but with the blow back it was shallower than that. It pulled the drag for about 30 seconds but came off.


Started marking some nice fish between 90 fow and 140. Everything was deep.



Marked what looked like salmon and schools of coho.





Switched out my deep baits from big flashers and meat to plugs and a spoon. We were dragging baits just a few feet above all of the marks. Nothing else would fire. Then, as we were pulling lines at 5 PM, the starboard 300 Cu took off. We just let him do his thing and the run stopped and my wife started working him in. About five minutes into the fight the port side 200 Cu fires. I would guess a big coho. Took the board back, but came off after a couple of minutes.

We boated my wife's king. 28.2 pounds for a new boat record. She beat my son who caught a 27.6 pounder in July. She let him know about it. Several times.
At this point we've found the fish and if we didn't have to get home to put kids to bed I would have been running plugs near bottom. But...we pulled lines and headed home.

Had to work for them. Finished the day 1 for 3. Had a great time on the water. The Frankfort parking lot was stuffed full of trailers, but most people were heading in as we were heading out. Only had 1 other boat near us all day long. Enjoy the pictures.






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That last pic where the kids are helping hold the fish is hilarious. The girls look like they were slightly pressured to hold on to it. Made me laugh.

Actually, oldest girl always wants to touch the fish we catch. We get a fish in the boat and she is the first to say "Can I touch it?"

My youngest girl takes complete credit for this fish. First, she picked out the plug he was caught on. It took about 5 minutes on intense study, but she found the one she wanted. Next, my wife or I had been driving all day. My youngest was at the helm for about two minutes and the fish hit. She starts yelling, "See! See! It's the driver! I told you I should have been driving sooner!" Then we got the double on and she says, "Imagine how many fish we would have if I had been driving all day! Told ya!"

Lol. Good times.

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