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Port Sheldon 8-31 am

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Fished from 6:30 until 10:30 am.  Went 5-6 pulling in 4 kings and 1 lake trout.  3 kings were 8-12 lbs, the other went 26 lbs.  Lost another big one.

100-150 fow.  East/West troll.  2.0-3.5 mph (east wind and swells had our speed all over the place).

2 fish - 300 copper - Lyman Lures green plug

1 fish - 200 copper - Mag Flounder Pounder RV

2 fish - mag diver on 1.5 back 185 - Kevorkian SD and no-see-um fly.

0-1 - 400 copper - Lyman Lures purple/black plug.


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nice job! you landed a the monster we were holding out for... let's see a pic of this 26#er.   I am gonna try again either tonight or tomorrow night. Want a big mature one, not that the 15pound 3year olds aren't fun :) what a different kinda year!

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Lost the plug in a tangle with the big fish.  They don't sell very many colors anymore!  ☹️

Went out again this mornings, but the bait I had found had moved.  Still managed 2 smaller kings 6-8 lbs or so.

Waves felt a lot bigger than the buoys 1-1.3 ft reported wave height.  Said it was about the same as on Saturday, but no way that was correct.

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