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Northwest Trib 8-30-19

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Took the boat up and fished the lower Big M friday. Had a pretty good day. Found some fish and they were pretty aggressive. Had a young male actually chase my skien while i was reeling it in. Grabbed it right next to the boat and took off. I was shocked. Seen Steelhead do that but never a Salmon. 

Water was 61 first thing in the morning. I fished from day break till early afternoon. It was really good first thing and slowed down after the bright sun got up in the sky. I took some brakes to let the dog run around but while I was fishing I don't think I ever went more than 30 to 45 minutes without having a fish on. Ended up 5 to the net and quite few that got away. I kept a 2 for my friend that doesn't get to fish anymore and he asked me if I could save one for him. My biggest was a hen that weighed 20lbs on the hand scale. 

So yeah, pretty good day I'd say. My arms are really sore so must have been a good day :)





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