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I have 9 meat rigs made up with Musselhead meat heads. I am going to post this on several Facebook pages, so you you would like some, please PM me. I will take people in the order that they PM me. Thanks for your understanding.

This is a list of the Musselhead's that I have.

Heisenberg --> 1

Bullfrog -->1

Uranus -->2

Outta Time -->1

Snot Rocket -->2

Blue Bubble -->1

Dutchie -->1

All meat rigs are tied using 50# Seaguar fluorocarbon, a #1 VMC 4X treble hook, a 5/0 VMCsingle hook, a 100# bead swivel and a 88# duolock snap. All meat rigs are approx 53" long and the flies are spaced every 12 inches, but the distance between the flies can be adjusted.

I accept PayPal and buy is responsible for shipping.

All rigs are $17.50 each.








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