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2 for 3, 10.3# king, 11.9# steelhead. Fished 140-200.


Rigger with yellow submarine Mag spoon, bk 60, down 60, east troll, 2.4 sog in 145 fow took king. Ball temp 49.9.


270 cu with dragon slayer SD and blue green fly ( homemade-called salmon treat) took steelie in 172 fow.


Lost big one on rigger, taking my  2 spoons and bending rod holder to 40 degree angle.  Guess I'll be tightening some bolts. Beautiful sunset. Hosted member Irn, had a good time.1168342884_2019-08-1923_08_21.thumb.jpeg.57c5a36b95343cc072ed59dee9e1ce7f.jpeg


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