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Muskegon 8/17 AM, 1 for 1

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Minor repairs to the boat. So we were back in action for the small, Michigan Sportsman tournament in Muskegon this AM. Heard the fishing hasn't been that great, so I decide to check the often overlooked water - that inside water less than 50 feet. Marked tons of bait with big arches around them in 48 fow. Tons of bait and fish. However, none of them would bite. Buggers.


Started sliding out. Worked out to 200 fow with no hits. Spun around and tried an East troll. In 160 fow the starboard slide diver out 111' (about 30' deep) took a hit. The big guy peeled off 350' of line in his first run. My brother boated his person best king - 25 pounds. No other hits.


We got him on a blue flounder pounder. We tried meat, spoons, flies and plugs. Covered 20' down to 65'. Temp break was about 35' down, but did vary significantly depending on your fow.


Not many fish were caught in the tourney. Biggest was 27 pounds. Ours was 2nd biggest. Felt good to get the skunk out of the box. Got him around 10:45 am. 20190817_111845.jpeg20190817_110707.jpeg


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