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Left dock @ 5:30 am. Tried fishing 30-50 FOW before sun-up. Marked a LOT of fish close to the pier but couldn't get anything to go. Finally gave up and decided to slide out to deeper water on a NNW troll. Strong wind from the east made it tough to keep a steady speed. Avg. down speed was 2.4. First fish came @ 9:00 am in 125 FOW on Green glow ladder back mag spoon 40 down 40 back on rigger. (10# Steelhead). Started marking fish consistently about 40 - 50 down. Put out a 225 w/ a mag Flounder Pounder RV Green and it picked up about an 8 pound steelie about 10 am right after we made our turn to the South in 145 FOW. Down speed was only 1.5 when it hit. Fished until 10:30 am and pulled lines.


Holland gps data.PNG

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