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All the notes are in my notebook, which is in the boat, which is getting repaired...but from memory...here we go.

Passed a bunch of boats that were set up in 130 FOW on our way out at 6 PM.  Hit the brakes at 215 FOW and set lines.  Worked into 190 and picked up a nice steelhead on a 100 Cu double orange crush.  Buy that time most of those boats in 130 had moved out to 190.  Got two more steelhead  hits on that same setup (boated one of them).  Once in the 180s and nother around 170 fow.  Picked up a chubby, angry coho down 40 on a rigger in the 150 range (blue flounder pounder).  Picked up a 12 pound steelhead on a 200 Cu with a small greenish paddle and fly.  Found a lot of bait around 110 FOW, but no big arches.  Didn't mark may fish.  Worked water from 215 into 87 fow but never had a king hit.  For the most part, we were straight out front.  Finished with good steelhead and an 8# coho.

Just before we were going to pull lines, the engine stopped.  Got it going again for a few seconds and it puttered out.  Seemed like it wasn't getting fuel.  Not sure what the problem was.  Made good use of my tow insurance though.  There's a kicker motor in my future at some point, just have to get some house projects done for my wife first.  :)  Anyway, not sure where the kings were.  I heard some guys were doing about a 10 mile run south to find some.  Hopefully my boat can be fixed and we can get back on the water soon.

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Hopefully your repairs are minor. I enjoy reading your reports on the East side of the lake. Seems like the good fishing is in similar depths over there right now as it is across the lake on our side.

Your towing insurance just payed for itself for several years!

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