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8/11 AM - PS 3 Steel 1 King

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Hosted outing with member Littleboat today.

Left dock 6am, fished till 11:30. Fished SW in 180-240. 
4# Steel and #8 Steel on Mag moonshine pictured below, and lost one other on this same pattern, 40 and 45 down.

10# Steel and 7# King on green spindoctor / green fly on braid dipsey 80 back.

All hits in ~200-210.


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I had a great time out there today. The original moonshine spoon is called the "Yellow Submarine" and glows green. Another version is the "Blue Jackal" glows blue. If you have one that looks like a two tone it is a "Moonshine Moonshine".12257876_2019-08-1113_34_18.thumb.jpeg.39298a44297ebca5c1dd853d4b63869b.jpeg


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Nice catch guys! The "Moonshine" and "Yellow Submarine" spoons look identical in the light, but the "Moonshine" is blue glow in the dark on one half and the "Yellow Submarine" is all yellow glow. Then there's the "Jackal" that glows all blue. Great spoons!

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TyeeII -
So, I had to flash and take a picture to solve this mystery (attached).

I had thought I had two of the same spoons, yet it seems I actually have one "Moonshine", and one "Blue Jackal".

The good news is, both took hits today.     : )



moon spoonx.jpg

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